About the author

Rachael Bailey is a Principal Environmental Consultant who works with financial institutions and project sponsors, advising them on how to manage their environmental and social risks. She advises on environmental performance and compliance with the Equator Principles, ADB, IFC and Worldbank Guidelines, EU Legislation and National legislation and regulations. She has undertaken this role globally with key projects in Hungary, Serbia, Albania, Turkey, India and Mongolia.

This blog provides advice on EP implementation and articulates some of the key arguments in this rapidly growing and highly innovative area of practice. Including evaluations of the effectiveness of the numerous risk management techniques available to practitioners.

This site considers current news, key issues, articles, and new regulatory and guidance information from different viewpoints, including banks, legal firms, project sponsors, consultancies and NGOs in order to provide a wide spectrum of opinions. In order to demonstrate why risk management so important, the site provides information and conflicting opinions from both those who support and oppose the finance of key project.

The Equator Principles have provided invaluable risk management tools for Financial Institutions, and while there will always be critics of some of the finer details, the overall benefits have been overwhelming and far reaching. The banks have shown a highly impressive degree of co-operation and innovation in their approach to environmental and social risk management.

These benfits include:

  • Improved asset performance;
  • Enhanced recognition of shareholder needs and preferences;
  • Reassurance for senior management that risk are being managed robustly; and
  • Reduced opposition through engagement of local communities and shareholders.
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    1. Jonathan Wilson says:

      Dear Rachael,

      Do you know whet the actual security monitoring arrangements for the BTC are in place? It must surely be vulnerable to terrorist attack?


      Jonathan Wilson

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      Please let me know if you want me to change or add to any of the text. If you are willing to add a link to WallStreetOasis.com, that would be much appreciated.


      Patrick Curtis
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