Sustainable Finance Summit 2006

I will be attending this event at the end of November, and I hope to see all those of you who are interested in this topic there. This will be a key event for all practitioners in this area, and will provide an excellent forum to share best practice. I’ll be posting feedback after the event, so if you don’t make it, come back here and catch up on what you missed.

Sustainable Finance Summit 2006

Recognition of the key role of financial institutions in stable and sustainable development has come. This leading-edge conference will show the way forward on these difficult, but essential issues. As banks go truly global, many for the first time, they are entering and whole new world of trust, risk – and opportunity – that must be well managed.

The newly revised Equator Principles now represent some 85% of global project finance , and that percentage is going up almost daily.

How banks can manage both profit and sustainability will be addressed early on by Jon Williams , a leading thinker and practitioner who is also Head of Group Sustainable Development at financial behemoth HSBC Holdings.

Among those speakers will be:

F&C Investments * The Co-operative Bank * Standard Chartered * FTSE * Barclays * ABN AMRO * HSBC Holdings * UBS Investment Bank * Wall Street Journal * Financial Times * KLD Research & Analytics * Henderson Global Investors



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