Business Ethics and The Environment Seminar – IBE

I recently had the pleasure of attending an interesting and lively seminar on Ethics and the Environment at the Institute of Business Ethics. A well considered presentation on ‘How Climate change is hitting home for Big Business‘,  stimulated a wider debate on environmental issues and why they are so relevant to securing business success, the key issues covered included:

  • The rising demand for energy and the need for the development of technologies and solutions to ensure this is met by sustainable sources.
  • The inequity of certain measures designed to restrain energy demand, and the undue burden they place on those who are least able to cope with the additional demands and costs.
  • The need for businesses to respond to shareholder requirements – particularly in view of the issues raised by shareholders at AGMs over the last year.
  • The increasing widespread approach, being adopted by many companies, of integrating environmental ethics into their branding to enhance their reputations.
  • The introduction of voluntary initiative to manage environmental risks, such as the Equator Principles.

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