Banking – ethical performance, anti-corruption and branding

PDS blogger Michael Jarvis has raised some interesting question relating to the importance of business ethic and how they need to be managed effectively to protect corporate reputations in his post ‘banking on ethical performance‘.

His proposition to use the framework approach to managing environmental and social risks that was introducted through the Equator Principles, to ensuring that the bank’s clients implement good governance and anti-corruption measures certainly merits further consideration.

In their FT column on Business Ethics, Plender and Persaud make a persuasive case for throwing out regulative approached to reputational risk management, and developing effective voluntary approaches, that are fully integrated within the cultural ethics and branding of the organisation.


One Response to Banking – ethical performance, anti-corruption and branding

  1. blogsphere says:

    The Ethics behind your money

    When it comes to ethics in business people seem to think that they do not have the power make a significant statement on how their money is used. Wrong. If people were to actually dig a little and find out a certain companies ethical policy then they may actually find that for not additional cost other companies will do the same, if not better job whilst also falling in line with personal views on society, the environment etc.

    I certainly research where my money goes by looking a company’ ethical policy, and by investing with ethical companies I know that I am contributing towards a better world.

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