Socially Responsible Companies Rank High With Job Seekers

This provides even further incentives for companies to manage their environmental and social risks effectively. Those companies that do so can expected to benefit from being able to attract dedicated, high-quality, professional staff, who are a cut above the rest. Furthermore, they can expect to benefit from having employees who work harder and obtain a greater sense of satisfacition from undertaking their role opposed to requiring additional financial incentives.

48 percent of employees say they would work for less pay, if they could work for a socially responsible company, according to a recent survey by progressive community network Care2. And they would work hard; according to the survey 40 percent of employees would be willing to work longer hours for a job at a socially responsible company.

“This should be a wake up call to employers,” Care2 said. “Companies that are taking steps to be more socially responsible and environmentally friendly have an advantage in the hiring market.”

Care2’s survey also found:

  • 73 percent of workers said it was “very important” to work for a company they believe is “socially responsible”.
  • 46 percent report their current company is relatively socially responsible.
  • 35 percent report having actually left a company because they believed it was not socially responsible.

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