An increasing number of US Companies are reporting on their Environmental and Social Performance

A third more top US companies are issuing corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports this year compared to last, according to a survey of company websites.This year 79 companies in the S&P 100 index dedicated special sections of their websites to information on their social and environmental performance. This was 34% more than in the 2005 survey by the Social Investment Research Analysts Network (SIRAN).

In the last year a dozen companies issued CSR reports for the first time, including Cisco Systems, General Electric, Time Warner and Wells Fargo.

However, only one company – General Motors – met all seven reporting criteria set by KLD Research & Analytics, the Boston-based investment research firm which conducted the survey. These criteria include the extent of their reporting, whether they set goals and benchmarks, and the degree to which they follow the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines.

A third of the S&P 100 index (34 companies) are basing their reports on the GRI’s guidelines on sustainability reporting, the survey revealed. This was up from 25 companies in 2005, SIRAN said.


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